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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

ow my pancreas!

actually ow my fingers and hand, damn RSI.

Did 3 hours training this morning for the new job... which is good because I get paid for it.

I keep coming across things that tell me my time at my part-time job was limited anyway...

makes me think I've been allowing myself to be walked upon for so long... I could have bothered to make a real go of it, but I feel all the fighting and apparent procedure making and all that has always been an uphill battle, and whomever replaces me will find the same thing...

anyway, it's probably better that I'm not here on a more permanent basis, it used to drive me insane before.

what else? I've decided I'm a channel 10 fanatic. I barely switch. and I never know what's on the other channels cos I don't want to pay for a teevee book. (Besides you can usually find one in the local rag, but not every week... hmm)

SBS has some great films sometimes and ABC some great drama, but I only remember to watch them if I stick sticky-notes on the TV or write it in my diary.

Hey I read something that Johnny Depp is doing 'The Libertine'. I saw a french (i think it was french) version of this on SBS quite recently, and I think the story is similar to the film 'quills'.

ramble, ramble, ramble. blah blah blah.
so much to do but for some reason, I can't be arsed.... I wonder why that could be.

Add sarcasm and stir.

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