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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

god! some people!

hmm, that's a whole 'nother story (the subject heading i mean!!)
Ever wonder why some people don't have a sarcasm detector in their brain?
I do. I often wonder.

I often wonder if I should keep my mouth shut all together... would make for interesting radio I suppose. Because frankly, if I don't keep my mouth shut, I get myself into trouble... constantly.
But only with one person generally. Why? Oh Why?

My 'therapist' is very wise indeed though...
and very sexy... *waving*

Do I continue from Friday... hmm... oh yes... I suppose I do...

Saturday I went to see Cat for her birfday. Helen and I were feeling somewhat worse for wear but for different reasons. Bumped into my 'therapist' having lunch, and later returned home to vegetate on the couch. Woke myself up with a Sugar Free Red Bull... and actually it worked a treat. I haven't had one of those in a while...

Axel was kind enough to remind me of the New Pollutants/Red Monika show at Rhino.... so we trudged to Exeter before hand for some beers, then on to the fun and frivolity of a TNP/RM show.

Tanya + Kylie were scared and went home *i kid*... however it probably was the first time in ages they had seen me in my natural habitat, so it doesn't surprise me!

Anyway, everyone was there, it was hella fun. i got very drunk.
A few of my friends were feeling sad, i hope they feel better now.

I would like to insert a few words about Team Plastique here...
1) lovely
2) fun
3) precious
4) splendaro *clap, clap*
5) "i can't believe it's not the gold coast!"
6) they're all sexy
7) they like tea
8) i realised i wear a lot of black being after around them
9) crude
10) laff-riot!

They make me want to move to Brisbane more! I need some colour in my life.

So perhaps I will...
more on that later...

Being undecisive, broke and random SUCKS dicks!

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