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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Where's YOUR head at?

I tell you what, it's a pain in my arse not being able to post a blog mid-working day. I can type bloody fast and capture everything I need to say.

I Spied: Confessions of an ex-ASIO spy (David Callan)
Dave candidly talks of his time working behing the big steel doors of ASIO (Australian Securities Information Office)... and even threw in a song @ the end for us. Excellent insight and fantastically funny one man show!
Get in quick, the buzz on this one is now HUGE!

God, Inc! (Paul Wagner)
Paul takes us through elements of a true story based on corporate America, turns Jesus into a character out of Bill and Ted's, and uses much satire when giving grief to US TV cultute.
He's put a lot of effort in, includes visuals and a hoard of characters.
There is not doubt in my mind that this guy is a great character comic, though I think parts of his material would have US audiences in stitches, where as we kind of go "Huh?". Still, worth a look for some of the giggle factor.

Valeri + Gleb
I don't think I've ever been to a mime show before but it was great! Be warned, you may become part of the "mime band". The few kids that were in the audience were absolutely amazed by some of the faces Valeri pulled at them.
A great family one actually, but there's no shame in getting a bundh of your adult friends together to see an unusual art form.

Don't know about the rest of your but I'm already exhausted!

This week I'm seeing Circus Monoxide, and, erm, something else, something else SOMETHING ELSE *chanting*.
Don't actually know yet.
I'm also going to the great grand fantabulous opening of 12 Angry Men next week (which is sold out I hear) to watch my friend Phil Nichol tread the boards. I'll also see him in one of the Best of the Fest Late Shows doing stand-up.

*be still my beating heart*

I love the Fringe.

I was just being so emotional, as well as a little bit of PMS blues chucked in and crap-hell tired Sunday night that I had a cry. Ah well, these things happen when emotions run high and nothing is ever certain...

god I'm lame.

*hopeless romantic signing off*

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