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Thursday, February 05, 2004

an email i'm writing to a mate at the mo'...

and thought I'd share... it's how my head is working at the moment...

"i've been thinking, and it's been sitting in the back of my mind for some time... that if/when I do my road trip up the East Coast later in the year... perhaps I'll stop in BrisneyLand for a time.

See I had opportunity to go and work there with a lady that published childrens books that I met one year at the Aust Book Fair, but my dickhead ex-bf whined and bitched and 'how could i consider doing such a thing?'... how? well because it would have made me happy.

Now she's not publishing these books anymore because the Publishing Market is a real bitch... and it's hard to get your stuff distributed even though these books were amazing... however she could still probably help me get work. Besides the Temp Agency I work for is pretty much international... I mean I actually am pretty sick of working in Admin, but what else am I going to do? I can't get paid for radio, it just wouldn't work for me."

Anyhoo, that's not the entire e-mail but it's bits of it... so yeh, I'm thinking:

1) get myself out of debt for gods sake!
2) after my birthday, take 8 - 12 weeks to drive up to BrisneyLand via Melb, Syd
3) move there (at least for a while) and see how I like it
4) if I hate it I can always go somewhere else
5) if i miss everyone the airfares are cheap a lot of the time
6) i could join 4ZZZ to replace my community radio fetish

i have been talking to Maine about his Music Event. Sounds like the bands are a pain the preverbial.

All the bands I've ever worked on my mini-events in Adelaide have been lovely, even to the point that they have completely donated their time to help a club pay their APRA fees, when our original intention was to just split the cash between bands that played on each day.

I pity you dear, only because they should be greatful you are putting in the work for them, and get off their high-horses about not being super-mega-rock-stars... besides if they constantly behave like that they aren't going to get anywhere... don't they understand that? wierdos!!

Shit, i laughed when I heard a certain BDO band member was having a bitch because he had to pay for his drugs at a particular after party... well whoop-dee-doo! has it not occured to him that he probably has a hella amount more cash than anyone else in this city, and if he wants to have a drug habit, it's going to cost him?! Sheesh! Rock stars! Who'd have 'em? Bring me a comedian any day!

Anyhoo.... one of these days I'll get around to telling you about the Peaches gig in it's entirety... but there will be a severe 'adult content' warning on that post!

xJ aka BetaGirl

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