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Thursday, February 05, 2004

darned heat...

well actually, i LOVE the heat... you can read Hels post on how it's the new black on dramaqueen...

I, however, disagree with Hels and agree with Hello Minnesota that in fact HANDCLAPS (uh-huh) are the new black...

i just got a *very* interesting text message.... i predicted a few years on this particular topic.... perhaps I wasn't so far off after all.

anyway, my point about the heat was to remind me to put in something about my skin.
Now I am very fortunate with my skin you know... I have my parents to thank I suppose. They never had any trouble with acne and neither did I... but recently I couldn't afford to buy some body scrub... so I started showering using soap. Big mistake. Well at least with the type of soap I bought... I mean it smells totally amazing, but it's drying my skin to buggery. Yuk!

Should have bought some 'Dove' soap products, they've never let me down before!

bah humbug!

I just listened to Plaids' "Spokes" album again. It's very nice indeed. Go and get it.

Oh, another thing... on my list of things to do this year I put 'read more about politics'... and I know it's an election year and all, and I pray we don't have to stare at Johnny Howard for much longer when he's stuffing up sentences and saying stupid crap... but I think I changed my mind. I'd rather be naive about it I think. There are plenty of other things I'd like to read instead of it...

Here's my list of stuff i know is sitting on my shelf...
Naked Empire: Terry Goodkind (next book in Sword of Truth series)
Stupid White Men: Michael Moore
Audrey Hepburn bio that i've gotten 1/4 way thru and left for ages

stuff and things,
xJ aka BetaGirl

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