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Sunday, February 08, 2004

"she's just so sweet so fine, so polite too..."

Next Saturday 14th February is Three D Radio's Top 100+1. Starts at 8am and goes through to around 8pm. I'll be broadcasting between about 12:45-3pm entertaining the local guests. We try and get as many of the local guys in as possible. Usually at least one person from every act can make it which is cool.

The Top 100+1 is compiled from our Top 20+1 which is broadcast every Saturday throughout the year. They are the most played albums by Three D announcers, it isn't a public vote of such, it's really put together by the lot of us. More than 50% of the chart this year is local. Last year 8 out of the top 10 were local artists or local compilations.

Lawnmower Music: Sunday 2-4pm: Three D Radio 93.7FM: Adelaide Metro Area
Artist: Song Title

The Renevators: Whistle Stop
Bobby Hughes Combination: McArthurs Break
Plaid: Get what you gave
Black Box Recorder: England Made Me
Goodshirt: Sophie (now i must put a footnote in here that this song is a fucking perfect song. There is nothing wrong with it, it's a perfect pop love song. woohoo to NZ's Goodshirt!!)
The Lovemakers: Captain Wierd Eye
LOVE SONG DEDICATION: Goyte: Loath to refuse
Hello Minnesota!: Handclaps (are the new black)
Deadstar: Valentines Day
Scared Wierd Little Guys: South Australia
Moldy Peaches: Anyone else but you
Lambchop: Somethings going on
Fatboy Slim: Weapon of Choice
Trey: Take Time Out
Sia: The Church of What's Happening Now
Team Plastique: Bitch Daddy
Peaches: I U She
MC 900 FT Jesus: Falling Elevators
Home for the Def: Blue Ice
Area 7: Can't be happy
Tripod: Cuckold
Trio Electrico: Ego Poem
Manu Chao: Promiscuity
Ash: World Domination
Chicks on Speed: Sell-out
Average: Hammer (live)
Jan Jelnek avec the Exposures: a Wasteland
Love Corporation: Give me some love (Andy Weatherall Remix)
Comatone: Fat my suck one
Federico Aubele: Despertar

By the way, fate hates me! I got a phonecall today forcing me to cross paths with someone I'm trying to stay away from. Bah!

Woohoo! the ever sexy TANK popped in to see me at radio. now we can really have some fun.

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