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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

"the chances you take, are the branches you break" : buck65

so many things happened today... one being a new 'love letter' from buck65... you can get them too if you sign up at his website.

they're always fun and pretty because they're like a tour diary... and he's lucky that he gets to go to such lovely places...

I hope I will be able to excrete that much genius on my trip up the coast...

Also today I have been offered a temp assignment that goes for a month. It's in the city and is 8-5:30pm. Which means I will have cash for the Fringe... woohoo! and will also mean my addiction to sugar and/or caffeine will become more severe, because I'll be going back to full time work after about 4 1/2 months of not working full time.

Interesting times ahead.

I think I'm going to start eating fruit and vegetables only. Perhaps a few lentils thrown in there too...

My skin is being annoying again... I think it's the weather.

I made tuna mornay yesterday, it was tasty.

Apart from that I felt like a slob, because even though I went for about an hour walk in the sweaty heat, I sat on my butt for pretty much the rest of the day switching between funny daytime teevee and a game of the Sims, with some episodes of Futurama thrown in for some giggles. God that show was good, why did they ever axe it.

Random Link chosen by ME! www.moviepoopshoot.com

I am very happy about the job. I can't wait to be on my way to Queensland-y goodness!! Now you know this means y'all can visit me when you feel like a holiday. ;)

Don't forget to book your Fringe tickets to 12 Angry Men right NOW!

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