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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

i had all this witty stuff to write...

yesterday i had thoughts swirling around and around in my head, because the only person I got to speak to was the lady who took my dole form... and now I can't remember any of the topics I was going to post about. They were news-worthy, I promise you that.

hmm. an update i suppose.

The very sexy and no longer contained (dont ask me what that means, i'm pulling lines from alladin) TANK is back from her adventures studying in Holland, and visiting Columbia. I am very jealous but it is nice to have her back. And she is happy to be back. She might move into my house, I said she could as long as she is nice to my fish.

This is a time of coming and going for a lot of people. It's just strange...

**'Cornholio' went to Sydney to study to be a negotiator. mmm, negotiation.
**'Len is going to Ballarat to study loads of Artsy things.
**Pip* is going to a place far far away where she can learn to surf and learn to play the blues baby.
**Tank came back from 6 months study exchange in Holland, with a trip to Columbia thrown in for good measure.
**My cousin Erin moved to Cairns to house-sit for 12 months (what a good house-sitting catch)
**I am negotiating (mmm, negotiation) also going up to Brisneyland at the end of the year, where the weather is *HOT* and the pineapples a-plenty.
**Fi Mc-Shack-Shack is coming to visit us! woohoo! and she'll be here in time for fringe and all!!

I just got a call from one of the agencies I went to about some work regarding a job they'd spoken to me about 2 weeks ago or so. It's with an IT company doing their accounts *yawn* but at the moment I'm pretty willing to do whatever, because I want to get out of debt and haul my ass to a warmer climate. This IS unless something monumental happens.

insert 'aside' here: I've had this thing in the back of my head for ages that keeps saying 'something monumental is going to happen'. I still don't know what that thing is. It really bugs me, but I'll just leave it simmering away until I go 'oh, so THIS is the monumental thing'....

Anyway, for those who are 'in the know' I rang lady re: the job I've been waiting to hear about yesterday... she said she was asked to put recruiting on hold for a short period...

more soon.

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