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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

"naked girl falling down the stairs"

well not quite, but yes, i fell down the fekkin' stairs at home and it hurt like buggery...
i should photograph the bruise on my ass! now I know you won't want to see my arse, but its a shiny bruise, and well worth a photograph.

I very nearly broke a couple toes, and am gonna get the doctor to check it out tomorrow, just to be sure.

I'm very lucky that I didn't smack my head on the steps and become unconscious or something.

My stairs are make of concrete you see.

something I wrote down earlier today that was a little something like this: "you have been in my dreams of late, and somehow my dreams are confusing you with things from my past, and that scares me"

love is a many splintered thing.

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