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Thursday, January 15, 2004

whether or not...

i should publicly post this i don't really know, but sod it!

yesterday after all my slackness, worrying and other descriptive words, i hauled my ass to the doctors... 8:30 in the morning mind you, but at least it made me get out of bed...

several things are bothering me, one is the fact that I've been getting headaches on and off for about a week, however I think that is possibly my back being out of place or something... I'm patiently waiting for my masseuse to return to town to give me a good rub down.... mmmm massage...

secondly, i'm so lethargic all the time some days it's excrutiatingly hard to get out of bed... then when I do get out of bed, I feel like half my brains missing or something... in a total haze all day, and I don't like it.

thirdly, there has been a lump giving me grief in my chest... it was there a while ago and used to flare up at particular hormonal times of the month... however it's been *way* more noticable recently... so the Doc sent me off to get an UltraSound just to be sure, because she said it didn't feel right... luckily I actually could get in to the Radiologist (or whatever they are) yesterday as well, so killed two birds with one stone, and got the results immediately. Concensus is: no problem. Thank god.

With all the "sickness"... some days are better than others of course... yesterday I felt better after getting the news that all was well with the lump that I actually managed to do productive things like cleaning and food shopping.

I also had a blood test to see if I have a deficiancy in something, perhaps diabetes, or some in balance somewhere... first blood test ever! and it didn't hurt one bit!!

I am still looking for more and/or different work at the moment... I really am getting frustrated with my job, but also trying to keep really up to date with the projects I have, and trying to motivate my bosses communication skills as well.

I start as a volunteer with the Fringe Festival tomorrow. The launch of the Official Program is tomorrow, and stuff. WOOHOO!

Get yourself a program, and buy tickets to the OPENING show of PHIL NICHOL's... I'm gonna sell it out baby!! Actually I'll probably organise to buy tickets as a group or something... but yeh, let me know if you're interested.

Watched a Doco on Woody Allen last night on the ABC. not bad.

This is the end of the ramblin'....

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