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Sunday, January 25, 2004

absence makes the heart grow fonder...

FridayFive.org (on a sunday again)

At this moment, what is your favorite...
1. ...song?

Aimee Mann: Ray or Richard Easton: I was at the Party

2. ...food?

3. ...tv show?
neighbours? i've been watching more docos recently than 'shows'

4. ...scent?
kitchen smells... fresh food... sweat

5. ...quote?
"don't be afraid of grief or sadness it can be fruitful..."
"television is the opium of the masses"

Lawnmower Music: 93.7fm Adelaide Metro Area: Sunday 2-4pm
Artist: Track: Album: Year: Country

The Renevators: Whistle Stop: Instrumental Extensions: 2003: Australia
Radio Active: Confidence: Bmmnm Vol 1 Breakbox: 2003: USA
Ubin Featuring Vassy: RedRoom: Evolutionary Vibes compilation: 2003: Australia
Richard Easton: I was at the party: Darkan: 2003: Australia (Perth)
Aimee Mann: Ray: I'm with Stupid: 1995: USA
Liam Gerner: This is all we can do: Brother: 2003: Australia (Adelaide)
Lou Reed: Satellite of Love: Transformer: 1972: UK
Bidston Moss: Yabbie Pie: A nice lie down...: 2001: Australia (Melbourne)
Lovage: Lifeboat: Music to make love to your old lady by: 2001: USA
Billie Holiday: My man: Jazz me blues compilation: (compilation put out 1996): USA
Team Plastique: Song Rabbit: Suck: 2003: Australia (Brisneyland)
Underworld: Kittens: Human Traffic soundtrack: 1999: UK
Clint Mansell (ex-Pop Will Eat Itself!!): 2piR: 1999: UK
Hello Minnesota!: Forget Boy: (Demo EP): 2003: Australia (Adelaide)
Lucy Beegle: I like lollies (but i don't like you): and another thing...: 1999: Australia
Indoor: Last night a DJ saved my life: More platinum disco compilation: 2003
LOVE SONG DEDICATION: The Captain + Tenille: Love will Keep us together: Love will keep us together: 1974: USA
The Manhattan Transfer: Sing you Sinners: Swing: 1997: USA
Paper Tiger: What would you do?: by the way...: 2003: Australia (Adelaide)
Lisa Miller: Hang my head (live): Hang my head EP: 1997: Australia
Music vs Physics: Retribution Realisation: _Underscore: 2003: Australia (Melbourne)
The New Pollutants: Blast the World into Space: Urban Professional Nightmares: 2003: Australia (Adelaide)
Mugison: I'm on Fire: Lonely Mountain: 2003: Iceland
The Muppets: Can you picture that?: The Muppet Movie: 1979
Patsy Cline: I fall to pieces: Greatest Hits
Elton John: The Bitch is Back: The very best of...
Everly Brothers: Bye Bye Love: That'll be the day soundtrack
Carole King: So far away: Tapestry
David Bowie: Fashion: Changes Two: 1981
Home for the Def Big Band: Safety Officer: Not Valid if Mutilated: 2001: Australia (Adelaide)
The Blow Monkeys: You Don't Own Me: Dirty Dancing soundtrack

bye byes.

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