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Monday, January 19, 2004

feelin' hot hot hot...

...i am listening to Team Plastique from Brisneyland as Mr Speed decided they were 3D interview-worthy and asked me to sort it... so I'm sorting it.... and they are 3D worthy indeed. A little bit crunchy in parts, but nothing like a chocolate milkshake... and there is lots of nudity and tight clothing on their artwork so bring it on I say.

They will be here to play with Peaches on the 29th Jan and also the following day on the Lilypad stage at the BDO... so check them out, yar?

I hate looking for work again, I mean the interviews don't phase me, but the whole process of it shits me... sending in applications, waiting... blah blah.

Can someone just put a job in my lap please?
Come on, I work hard, I've got bulk-ace admin skills and I need work immediately.

Shortly I'll give a list of what stuff I want to see at the Fringe Fest...


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