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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Fringey goodness....

things I'm going to see at the Fringe, if you want to see any of them too let me know soon. I'm going to be buying tickets as soon as there's any spare money lying around...

12 Angry Men: Scott Theatre: March 5-7, 9-11, 13-14
Daniel Kitson: Nova Cinema: 4-14 March
Lee Mack: Nova Cinema: 24 Feb-14 March
I Spied - True Confessions of an ex-ASIO spy: FringeHub: 22 Feb-13 March
GUD: Nova Cinema: 9-13 March
Tripod in LADY ROBOTS: Union Hall (Fringe Hub): 21-28 Feb, 2-6 March
Berlin Cabaret: Weimar Room: 20 Feb-14 March

Locals you should check out:
Craig Egan's Summer of ROCK tour: Rhino Room: 2-13 March
Good Times with Mark Trenwith + Jarrod Fitch: FAD: 29 Feb-6 March
Mixed Grill with Trav Nash + Average (the band): Belgian Beer Cafe: 20 Feb-13 March
Pete Monaghan in Stupid, but Lucky: Belgian Beer Cafe: 20 Feb-14 March
Scott (John)+ Big Al's Big Night: Beligian Beer Cafe: 25 Feb-13 March

In fact, I want to see the whole kit and kaboodle, but if people want to let me know ASAP if they want to go to anything... then we'll organise some group outings. Lovely.

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