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Sunday, January 25, 2004

lack of fundage...

...means lack of me setting the puter up at home and having internet...

so yes, i come to radio early today to blog, to read the 25 odd emails that have bulked up in my mailbox... including one that tells me I've won large amounts of money in a sweepstakes... and whilst it *would* be handy to have all that money, i think that I'll just leave it sitting there, ignore what could have been, and keep going for job interviews. Sounds a bit random and shoddy to me!

And speaking of which, yesterday (Saturday) I had another phone call about a job in the city. Which would be uber-perfect for a number of reasons... I could ride everyday, I could bus if it rains, I can still do my food shopping at the central markets... and other things I haven't thought about til right now like the fact that CITRUS BLU would be across the road! F*CK YEH! Well watch me spend all my money on chili coffee!

ooh, now I *really* want the job!! how fickle am i?!

Perhaps I should go in reverse here...
Friday after having more interviews and spending 3 or so hours doing mundane tasks at the Fringe Office that needed doing... I trundled home, got myself a Pizza (norty) and tried to decide what I was going to do... you know a 'do i keep up appearances' question... I spoke to Michelle and she happened to be going to the location I was thinking of going... so Morgan, Michelle, Benjamin and I put on our glad rags, and headed to the Prince Albert for some acoustic-y goodness. Which meant I also got to see Heidi + Warwick, Spoz, Stuckey, Heath, Mike, Alicia, yada yada yada...

Following this it was on to the Grace Emily to go on a boy hunt. How fun! We were hunting a particular boy, but we found him, so that was good.

Discussing reincarnation, having my head blown off by a friend for trying to make a point (christ!! don't ask!), talking about the new film Lost in Translation (which I haven't seen yet but am told that I will like), and then running off for a therapy session.

And to my therapist, you rock my unexciting, non-descript world darling.

Headed into the Exeter later on but all the bands were rapped up, so all I could do was say hi to Denni and Annie and head home.

Total alcohol consumption was something like 3 beers, a shot of white sambuca, and a shot of Absinth. Absinth be *nasty*.

Saturday during the day one of my little cousins had her christening, so went to that and back to her parents after for heaps of food. Tasty indeed, got to catch up with my other cousins and stuff... yeh always good.

Later last night went down to Benjamin's for his house-mates going away party (call it an excuse for a party, but it was a fare-thee-well)... I intended to stay for short amounts of time then go celebrate Luke's birthday with him in town, but I joined myself at the hip to some people I knew and ended up having a not bad time. Hung out with Fin and some of his people that I hadn't met before, Mark, Zoe, Liz... and after dropping some of them home and returning, saw Annie and Sara... Matty B was also there with his missus, Tys, blah blah blah. People I like anyway.

It was just one of those things yet again where I felt out of place, because though I know some of these people quite well, there were large amounts of people that obviously had no idea who I was (though some of them recognised me by my radio voice which is kind of cool) and I really *really* dispise girls who give you funny looks because they don't know you, or you're talking to some guy they want to or something. Get OVER IT!

I mean shit! I've got no false vision of how I look. I don't look bad, but I'm not a flawless beauty either, in no way, shape or form. Do people find people that they don't know threatening? And for what reason?

It just really once again prooves to me that I'm a fringe-dweller, and I really do know some awesome people, but bringing them all together is always a hard thing, even though I think once everyone got to know everyone, it would be one big happy family... sort of thing.

Hell I don't know what I'm saying anymore, I really am quite tired.

Radio set-list coming your way soon.

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