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Thursday, January 22, 2004

"oola walla hicky...

come on ya wanna lay me... pass the punch munchacho?" (at least it's something wierd like that... that's how I've always quoted it, cos even if it's not correct, it's fucking funny!)

most quotable movie *ever* i think. Wayne's World... GO you big red fire engine!!

"If he were an icecream flavour, he'd be praline, and dick."

well I met some of my fellow bloggers last night which was very cool indeed...
you can read some of them here, here oh and here... but that LAST nutter I've known for years, so does that count?

oh wow, they're playing "if you leave" on
the radio... by Orchestral Manouvers in the Dark... awww....
"if you leave, dont leave now, please dont take your heart away..."
"i touch you once, i touch you twice, i wont let go at any price, i need you now like i needed you then, you always said, we'll still be friends..."
"if you leave, dont look back, i will run the other way..."


"hey mr donut-head-man, who's trying to kill you? i dont know but they better not!"

erm, last night at Jive I saw Hello Minnesota, *10# and the Ramonettes rock out Holly Brats birthday...

it's official, I'm broke! However optimistic that my job interviews both went well and that I'll have some kind of temp work very soon...

yes, yes i will.
another interview tomorrow.
bring me work, bring it now. well perhaps not next thursday or friday because i have BDO things to do... bands to chauffer 'round, volunteering to do, things like that... much more fun than working.

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