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Sunday, January 18, 2004

oh, also...

having a personal circus for your celebrating non-smoking picnic is VERY cool...
it's actually motivated me to pick up the juggling balls again... actually mine are square... anyhoo...

i've decided i have to get some full time work again if I'm to organise my trip up the East Coast later in the year... AND if I'm to have a good Fringe Festival too!!

I think the most interesting people I've ever met have always been ones I've passed for small amounts of time, and then maybe vaguely kept in touch with... for example...

Phil: was here last fringe and was just the most awesome, caring and sometimes paranoid person i'd ever met (ref: phil being concerned that all 25 people I'd brought to his final show had had a good evening... me going 'dont be silly' and him saying 'oh, now you're mad at me'... hehe) but you know we've kept in touch... lately it's been more and more sporadic but I guess that happens eventually... I haven't seen him for 2 years, but hopefully he's due back in my home town soon so I can have a good catch up and cook him dinner.

karen + muffin: these rockin rollin girls from brassy made my day as well... when i interviewed them we all got the giggles, at their show i jumped around like i had a day to live... then went to chat to them after the gig, probably had them look at me strangely whilst stretching and doing yoga poses in their dressing room, gave them cuddles and gathered signatures for other people that didn't have the nerve (go trav!) and sent them on their way... i hope they are well. they were such cool chicks, no matter WHAT ANYONE on JJJ has to say about them. you fucking assholes JJJ!

buck65: was here in December... I interviewed him on 3d and went along to his show which was a big inspiration... i had left my writing books at home so much in the 6 months prior, now I take them everywhere... he had some interesting things to say... thought Platypus' didn't exist... things like that... he made my day. he also liked one of my favourite words codswallop. i know that's trivial, but i thought it was funny.

alan: i met alan on the bus the other day.... we had like a speed-conversation... if that makes sense... we just talked a mile a minute and i learnt so much about him in the 20 or so minutes i talked to him... it was really wierd, but i also thought that it's such a cool thing being able to just converse with someone you don't know... even if at high-speed... he also made my day.

more soon...
"in the essence of life
there is such death
and the grains of sand on the beach
represent all that we are..."
Copyright to me ya buggers! (Julie Faye F)


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