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Sunday, October 12, 2003

I went to the Palais at Semaphore on Friday night for dinner with old work people... got there the loooong way... long story... hehe.

so yeh, that was my night, when i got home I watched Noise (on 11:25ish every Friday in October on ABC) which features Aussie film-makers and noise-makers. it's grouse! you should watch it...
I also hooked into some Rage, haven't done that in a while... but picked up a few new trax.... there was a totally wierd song by a rapper that was all about ass! pretty funny.

last night went to dinner at my friends bec & scotts... yay! thanks guys! yum.
then off to The Bird, New Poos, Beat Smuggly show at Fowlers Live with Molly, Leah, Sacha, Nicki etc etc etc. hi guys! rock out!
everybody got a bit sweaty but all in all, not a bad night. (not a great one for me either, but I think I just got tired and 'out of the mood')

and now i'm on radio... i rode my bike, it's such a bewtiful day!!!

"this world go crazy, it's an emergency..." Mr Bobby: MANU CHAO
mmm Manu Chao... xJ

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