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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

last night i went to PJ O'Briens cause I wanted beer and comedy, and I didn't have to work today....
but you know what, i've just about decided to stop drinking... apart from the fact it's expensive and i'm getting a beer gut.... i dont know. it's not that cool really, or maybe i'm concerned about the amount i've been consuming...
i think with all the changes of the last fortnight i've possibly needed the release, though when you realise you've been pissed three times in one week.... that's not cool.... bah!
so anyway, i met some more of my neighbours Lisa and Serena and they are very nice indeed. they also attended silly comedy with me and highly enjoyed it.
I don't know if the existential crisis is getting more existential or what... but i'll be 25 in a few days :(
TODAY I bought a bike... ooh it's a 2004 model and all... it's very spunky, and depending on how I go over summer... i might even sell the car... i mean having a car is neat, but it's damned expensive!!
and yeh, i mean i've used my car a few times in the last week (rug shopping, couch shopping, bike shopping, too much shopping... i'm sick of it) but only the bus to get to work... and even to go out on Friday I caught the bus.
Mmm, stuff.

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