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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

a vox pop, after an 11 hour day...

well 10 hours 40 minutes, but who's counting? (should that be who's or whose?)

again i do washing at a stupid hour of the day, and what do I have to blame... working two jobs!

Now I just wondered, people out there in internet land, how many of you are working two jobs just to get by?
Are working two jobs out of loyalty?
Are working two jobs so you can save for something specific etc?

Perhaps, share with me in the comments section, so that I can justify this insanity that seems to consume me every 6 months or so...

I could be watching the Simpsons, instead I sit here and *continue* to use a computer after too many hours in front of one.

My actual vox pop for today has been on my mind for a while...
and let me give you an example and put it in a bit of context as well...

SHOULD police persons riding police horses on public streets be made to clean up after the horses doing their business?

For example, once I was sitting outside the Ex having a beverage when some police horses went by, ususally two isn't it, in this case it was... anyway, the horses decided to drop some bits right next to patrons drinking and possibly eating as well in front of the venue.

Do you not think it appropriate for the police horses to wear 'nappies'...?? and I believe there is such a thing, so don't think I'm just making things up, it's a suggestion.

I understand it would be difficult for a police person to get off the horse and clean i up then and there, because ordinarily there may be nothing to tie the horse too, AND they're probably on a city street.... but yeh... it annoys me, we can get done for dropping litter and they don't get done for leaving a bit hot steaming pile of poo outside somewhere I am trying to drink a bev.

Also, once they did it on a pedestrian crossing in Hindley Street, which grossed me out, because I wanted to cross the street without a) stepping in it, and b) smelling it...

Anyway, I could start a revolution perhaps.
Police horses are beautiful, but having poo in a city street is not very cool. Especially since we live in a nice clean city.

my two cents,

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