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Sunday, March 14, 2004

10/3/04 - The Splendaro Vox Pop Part 2

If you had a tv show of your own...

a) what type of show would it be?
b) what channel would you want it to be on?
c) what time slot?
d) your cast members?
e) the name of the show?

Leave your answers in the comments section...

The other week when Adam and Tripod were on my show, I did post the whole set list and write my Circus Monoxide review, but it all disappeared, cos I wasn't concentrating and pressed something wrong! Darn!

Last week I saw Beats Per Minute, Craig Egans Summer of Rock tour, Adam Hills: Go you Big Red Fire Engine 2 Judgement Day, and Tripod's Lady Robots.

The best part of Tripod's show (for me anyways) was without doubt the GUITAR KINGS! If you saw the show you'll know what I'm on about. Also, when Gatesy nerded up and went 'into the computer'. Go C64 references!! Ohh Gatesy, so cute.

I'm starting to save for my next big life transition, moving to Queensland. I think it will be a good thing for me, loads of sunshine and loads of fresh fruit. Perhaps even a career change. After all, I WOULD make a superb Marilyn Monroe at Movie World!

Also saving up to go on a proper holiday in September with some girlfriends to a happy warm climate too.

Now that I think of it, I haven't been on a proper holiday in a while. The last one would have probably been the extra short trip to Melbourne 2 years ago! Not good enough I say! Less stress and less work I say! There's got to be a way I can do what I did last year and take three months off over summer every year for ever!

Note to self: Hurry up and get that Federico Aubele CD would ya?! jeez!


I wanted to publicly thank someone for a chat I had with them on e-mail earlier in the week, but I won't embarrass them. I think they know who they are. Doctor?! I will however, apologise, for any public affections of love in the way of enormous hugs I may give them in the near future...


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