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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Appropriate for this very moment now...

And according to hels and a few others, I'm breaking the cardinal blog rule, but you know what... I really don't care.

Bidston Moss: Sunday
it's in the garden late at night
it's in the way she holds him tight
It's in the way he moves away
It's in the things they never say

How long is too long?
and how far is away?
When it all feels too wrong...
in the end and the time that it takes from your day

It's time, ok

She's closing in and feeling down
He's working nights all over town
It's in the time they never spend,
it's in the way they both pretend...

How long is too long?
and how far is away?
When it feels like it's gone
In the end at the time that's not left in the day
It's my time, Okay

and it's just the way it seems to go
always the same, just surviving
it gets too cold to warm their toes
and now it all seems rather frightening...

the mere thousands of thoughts that enter my head in a short period of time
completely surrounded by the next through in such a brief moment
each thought stealing a moment and forcing procrastination
the more fantasy passing through, what becomes reality?
one day i'll be where I wish to be
full of my own spirit and soul in full obvious view
but for this moment, kept in dark recesses behind many walls
to trust will take so much
to love will take so much
energy and passion fading in waves of shrugs and misinterpretation...


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