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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Yes, Julie, stop rabbiting on about Planet Challenge...

Okay okay so more on THAT tomorrow, however on to what we achieved in the last couple of days...
My mum volunteers at an Op Shop called The Caring Place in Morphett Vale, South Australia.

It's one of those true op shops too, where you can find stuff for 20 cents. I've managed to spend a whole $7 since I have been helping clean up there. (I cleaned up, cleaning up?!)
It's school holidays so it is closed at the moment but needs some love.

So with the combined forces of the lads from the "mens shed" (a club for men to hang and make stuff, really - like their own shed, but community based), we began!

We moved everything away from the walls in the main shop and the boys started painting yesterday...

So many things piled into the centre from the racks... if it falls over I will roll around on the floor with laughter I swear. We stacked pretty high!
 Here is their progress that we walked in on today!

Then we started to tackle the shed behind (there are three more rooms to this op shop).

Oops, forgot to get a full shot before I started <<<<<<

Haven't done the top shelf yet, but the only thing that lives here is boxes for people if they are purchasing a lot of things >>>>>>

I practiced my mad librarian skills on the bookshelves, all cleaned, all categorised! But for how long...
Before, again half way through... note the odd shoe mum found in the shoe racks. Shoe FAIL!

All done!

The Caring Place opens again on October 15th and is open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9am - 3:30.

Come see how amazingly you can find useful things before it gets destroyed :)

One love.
Reclaim: Recycle: Reuse

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