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Friday, October 24, 2014

SA Water Future Hypothetical

Hmmm... I still don't know how to react to what I saw last night.

Recently I watched the following film about how we are clearly doing things wrong.

Peak Oil was only mentioned once last night (by the moderator, the delightful Rod Quantock) and I wonder why we are still managing to ignore this.  It's why it infuriates me so much our Government is so backwards when it comes to renewables. Eventually things will start to run out, oil and coal are not reusable forms of energy, you burn them and that's it. Why is that so hard to comprehend?!

Currently the Australian Government are attacking the Renewable Energy Target, seemingly allowing some concessions for 'trade' if you believe a tweet by the "Environment Minister" Greg Hunt. I put him in inverted comma's because he is not doing the best job.

I am desperately trying to understand all of this. The fear, hatred and sheer confusion this Government is creating is completely frustrating. I want clear language, I want them to actually DO something, I want a Leader who can actually public speak, and a party who does not continue to play a blame game 12 months after they elected. You won, you fools, so actually work for the people you are supposed to serve, instead of playing he-said-she-said.

I'm so over it!

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Anonymous said...

"Why is that so hard to comprehend?!"

Because in the meantime, I can make a shitload of cash out of it, and I wont have to clean up after my mess because:
1) God wont let it happen
2) God will let it happen but I'll be raptured up to heaven
3) Human induced climate change is bullshit
4) We might produce some problems, but because human ingenuity is infinite, we'll solve them (and get rich)