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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mental Health Week

Been busy, busy, busy.

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of attending my cousins launch of her new book of poetry, an event held as part of Mental Health Week at the Mercury Cinema in Adelaide.

The book is called Pendulum and is a collection of her poetry. You can read about Kylie's journey by visiting her website at http://kylieharrison.wordpress.com

She is a Community Peer Worker who spends her time educating and bringing awareness to community to eliminate the stigma associated with mental health issues.  It is exceptionally commendable indeed and I am proud to know her.

In other news... not much more progress on my membership cards mission I am afraid, though I have been in email discussion with one of the organisations who recently changed their 'points' system and said I would be forwarded my first discount voucher. Well it hasn't happened, so now they have 'rewarded' me by putting my points back on my card, so when I next purchase I will THEN receive a rewards voucher. Talk about backwards. Pretty sure I will be cancelling this membership.

Besides that, I have sent them several emails about the ethical sourcing of their clothing and other products.  They sent a pretty simple one-liner kind of response in return, which didn't really satisfy me. I want real answers.  If you say you are sourcing ethically, why aren't you a member of an organisation that is pushing for this? Why is there no information about this on your website? WHY were you also labelled as a Company to watch after the terrible building collapse in Bangladesh.

Points schmoints! I'd rather have a clear conscience me thinks.  Will see what their next responses are with regards to this and make a decision on this by the end of the month.

Also, I turned a year older this week. Where oh where does the time go?! At least I feel like I have been quite productive in the last few weeks. Well, in between the temp admin job to make the cash money, sadly necessary in this world, though this particular organisation I do enjoy spending time with them and helping them out when necessary. So it is kind of a win-win.

One Love. xJ

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