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Friday, October 03, 2014

Projects, projects, projects...

So I have a little bit of time up my sleeve at the moment, at least, until next week when I will be doing some temping again.

Whilst I was away on my North American jaunt this year, my Dad found MORE boxes of stuff that belonged to me when he cleaned out his computer room.  It included a box of old VHS. Some of it is stuff I taped from the teev and some is home video stylings!

This is only a tiny bit of what he found. There is probably another half dozen at least for me to go through.

Have started going through what is on the tapes as of course not all of it is to be kept.  Dubbing off/digitizing stuff I'd really like to keep that you can't get anywhere else, a few concerts and copies of episodes of shows that were never released on DVD.

  I will put more info on how we are digitizing them later :)

So I have started recycling the cardboard packaging of the ones we have dubbed because that's the easy part that can be put into household recycling. And I am putting aside the physical tapes.

The hard part is recycling the actual tapes themselves.  More on that later. But SA friends, if you have any old VHS that you would like to recycle properly, get them together before the end of the month because I'm going to commit that I will personally ensure they go to a place that CAN recycle them correctly. Nothing will happen to them if they go in your regular recycle bin at home.

More on that later.
One love.
Reclaim. Recycle. Reuse.

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