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Friday, October 17, 2014

Projects MkII

Yes, projects. Or at least... personal challenges.

So I've decided I have been way to slack in the reading department AGAIN this year, even though it was again on my annual list to READ MORE BOOKS.  Well what a slacker.

However, I have devoured two (count them, TWO!) in the last couple of weeks.

The first one being Adrienne Langman's "Choosing Eden: The real dirt on the coming energy crisis". Truly a delight. All I want to do now is pack up and create my own food forest in the country. For real. (Well researched and prepared of course.)

This book was a very personal story, about a couple in their 50's who had always been city dwellers, learning about Peak Oil. Collectively then deciding to prepare for their future and the future of their kids and grandchildren by giving it all up, retiring kind of early, and building something new and completely out of their comfort zone.

Whilst you might not appreciate the doom and gloom of it all, it is well worth a read because it was damned inspiring.  The revelations this woman was having about her life and the lives of all of us was like a HALLELULJAH moment for me because I am starting to feel less alone in this lately.

Truly, there are still bogan trolls on the internet who really need to be shot straight into the sun but that is a whole 'nother phenomena altogether. Perhaps one day these types of will also have a revelation, perhaps they won't. In any case, I'd rather be prepared for what is to come in this life than be ignorant about it.

We are all connected. Don't forget that.

I have also decided that, though I care about a myriad of issues in this world, the heart of it all for me is environment. Because if we don't have one none of us will survive.  So plodding along creating challenges for "Planet Challenge" that are really, at their core, about auditing your own life. Because I feel the world needs that. Focus for me is very hard so sadly, I am deleting emails that aren't specifically related to environmental planning, etc. at the moment. This said, that is going pretty well so far. I am trying to only take in the stories from around the globe that are about preservation, fights for our waterways and the like.


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