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Thursday, October 30, 2014

My total rant to Simon Birmingham...

I ask that you to reject the bill regarding the collection and holding of data from private email and telephone records in Australia, currently being debated in the Lower House.
The destructive policies the LNP is introducing every day in the Federal Parliament are creating fear, hatred and confusion amongst the people you are supposed to be serving.  I can personally tell you that my anxiety has gone through the roof.  I cannot see ONE thing that this current Government has done that is forward thinking.  Playing the blame game still, 12 months after being elected, is ridiculous and childish.
I see that you are the Parliamentary Secretary re: Environment.  May I also put forward my absolute disgust with not only 'Direct Action', but the approval of dredging in the Great Barrier Reef marine parks area.  Across the nation on the weekend of 18 October, thousands of people pledged to make moves to close, or did close, their bank accounts associated with fossil fuel investment. I  myself am pulling all of my money out of ANZ and BT Super (Westpac) so that my personal dollar does not continue to fund old dirty technologies which should be abandoned.  As the rest of the world moves forward, the LNP continues to push it's agenda of industrialisation which, simply, cannot be sustained.  Being a South Australian Senator, you may have noticed our State government setting it's OWN emissions target, much higher than what you are proposing Federally.
Roads are not the way forward, high speed rail is. Allowing more coal mines to be built is simply bad investment. And allowing hydraulic fracturing at ALL in this country is a terrible threat to aquifers and waterways, of which we have very limited resources.
Please pass on my comments also to Mr Hunt. I have phoned his office in the past when there was first talk of approving the Adani project to put forward my objection.
Sign the DOHA amendment for the Kyoto Protocol, committing to our future.

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