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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Challenge thine self!

So in the name of the word FOCUS and such, I have started putting together the games for the Planet Challenge: Population? You! web phenomenon.  It's in beta crappy version so far, so if you find it, good for you :)

When I'm happy with it I will share more.  I'm trialling getting the format right in my head, and on the page. It will probably change many many times. Suggestions welcome.

But yes, so you know, yeh I can challenge you all I like to complete a personal mission, but what am I doing?!

Well this month, October 2014, I have chosen to do a clean out of all my cards.

What do I mean? Membership cards.
I do a lot of work throughout the year at Box Offices, so yes, I see a lot of your wallets and phones.  A common problem I see plain as day is:

1) IPhone screens are a lot more cracked and broken than other brands of phone
2) Peoples wallets are often exploding!

This could be a number of things I am sure. Receipts you haven't cleaned out and the like, but most likely it's membership and loyalty cards.

So yesterday I pulled all of mine out and lay them on  my desk. This included a small business card file I had as well, you'll see the pile on the left.

You know what?! This actually astounded me, the total I mean. The ones down the centre are simply coffee / food places I frequent a lot whenever I work in the city here. Mmmm coffee.

I also have several transit cards from different states (ref: Myki for Victoria, and GoCard for Queensland) because I move around so much for work, so they immediately stay.

So step one October 1st. Immediately remove the ones that were relevant in CanadaLand, and put them next to your computer.

And today, October 2nd: check if the membership on these overseas cards has been voided online, then cut them up in to little pieces and recycle. That gets rid of at least 3 straight up.

It's a start.
One love.

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