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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tired of being so angry all the time...

In my recent past I went to see a kinesiologist at the insistence of a Bristanbul beauty.  Sadly, the words 'fear', 'anger', 'rage' came up, as well as 'confusion of truth' and 'activism'.

"Surrendering to the natural order" may be all well and good, and hey, deep down I do believe that.  But at the same time does that discount fighting for what you believe in?!

Problem is that right now, especially in this country, there is so much fuckery going on that I can't even take it any more.  News feeds of various sorts keep telling me the worst news I can think of; and this is mostly how backwards our Government is.  Having just passed the 12 month interval in power, not only do we not have a leader who can even do a speech without a tiny plastic bug in his ear, their complete obsession with 'bringing the budget to surplus' is a complete joke.

There are many quotes I could bring in here, but let's use just one from Utah Phillips: "The Earth is not dying, she is being killed. And those that are killing her have names and addresses."  (the word 'she' is probably 'it' in that quote, but let's not mince words)

Oh but wait, let's ignore the budget, there's a war to go to!

Oh but wait, let's ignore the budget and push through backwards policies on environment whilst no-one is looking. To quote our PM "Coal is good for humanity".  What the ACTUAL FUCK TAbby?! (Obviously didn't have the bug in his ear that day).

Two words: Kyoto Protocol, numbnuts. (Okay, that's three).

Oh wait, now that initial period is over isn't it... except that you know, the people have been marching across the world and you couldn't care less.

What will it seriously take for them all to realise they can't eat money?!

Rant rant rant.

Apologies interweb. I've been feeling dreadful about the state of the universe this week.

What have I done?! Been in conversation with both my Super fund and one of my banks (sadly, stuck with a debt with one of the Big 4 that I will hopefully be able to shift elsewhere - because hey, if I have to pay interest to anyone, I'd like to know that even that small amount isn't fossil fuel investment based).

It's all I can personally do right now, to clear my conscience and to send a message, that I will not store my money with someone who is investing in technologies I believe need to be ousted completely in favour of something a liiiiiittttle cleaner.


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