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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Divestment Day is finally here!

I am almost certain there will be little to no media coverage on this day, but I am proud to say that I will include myself in this mission.


Some big movers and shakers (ref. ANU and Glasgow University) have recently publicly declared they are divesting their universities away from fossil fuels.  I completely applaud this and wrote to the Vice Chancellor of ANU last week to tell them to stand strong on this.  There has been much criticism by our Government here, so they obviously are taking SOME notice.  So I do tend to wonder if they will pay any attention at all to the groups of people meeting around the country this weekend, declaring that they will also move their personal funds into something more sustainable.

Via the link above you can add your voice to an Open Letter to the Big 4 banks in Australia.  I've discovered my super fund is strongly linked to one of them, so have been in conversation with them about it. I think I've said before that they have been thorough which I appreciate, but still have not said they will move backwards out of fossil fuel investments. So, in a nutshell, they can suck it.

superswitch.org.au is also a good source of information, with seemingly some funds refusing to release information about where their investments are. This immediately runs a red flag for me.

Anyway, all of our journeys on this Earth is personal. But I will not have the Earth ripped up in my name.


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