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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Flash those pearly whites!

(written down earlier today)
I'm finding it really difficult to smile. Just now I ran into the person I have desperately wanted to see for over a week. They asked me what was wrong and I make an excuse that is nothing like the actual reason.

I had a fully tops weekend catching up with Pipstar and listening to Buck 65 and Blonde Redhead on the way across the country. The sky is so magnificent in the middle of nowhere, you can see the stars so clearly. How dry our farms are really hit home out there too. Conservation organisations being ignored the way they are is just ludicrous. This country is seriously running out of water.

And another thing, if you're not already, please consider car pooling, cycling, walking or catching public transport more often. I assume the reason fuel is so expensive at the moment is that there is less of it?! I use approximately $10 of fuel every 3 weeks. The rest of the time I'm on buses or on my bike and consistently walking around.

This Adelaide City Council Youth Advisory thing I did last week was great, there's another on tonight. I would like to suggest that they try making Adelaide City the Eco-Capital of Australia. I mean our recycling programs are good and always evolving as industries develop, but I'd like to see more.

When I worked for the Waste Management Co I learned quite a bit and encouraged as many people as I could to recycle as I could see where products were going and how the new industries were sometimes desperate for certain types of recyclables to keep their work going.

Ok, now I'm off on a tangent...

My initial point was that I need something to make me happier. I'm very happy I'm reading again, nearly done with Stupid White Men.

I think I've lost a little weight, I'm definately more conscious of what I"m eating.

I feel uncomfortable with some friendships at the moment, and terribly comfortable with others.

I'm still slowly culling the items I own to live a more simplistic life style.

I'll be practising some more new receipes on Saturday, because a girl from where I'm temping is having her 21st and I offered to whip up some stuff...

(and written right now)...

I just feel there has to be more.
I just saw a friend who had come back from Paris. He loved it. Perhaps I should go there?

I don't know where I belong, and it's making me crazy, but I don't think it's here... as much as I love having my friends and family close by, this place isn't stimulating my brain enough anymore...

Life certainly is what you make of it, I've just got to bloody well make something of it!


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