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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

nobody likes me...

everybody hates me...
think i'll go eat worms...

because no-body leaves me comments any more, or maybe you're just all sick of my bullshit drivel huh?

Yeh probably the latter.

I've been trying to think of things to post that interest me or that are not this whining bollocks, but it consumes so much of my head at the moment, I can't help it.

Had a radiothon meeting just then in planning for our Annual Subscriber-Drive (this year in August, stay tuned)... we have some good ideas. Every year it becomes more trial and error, eventually we'll perfect it I'm sure. It's definately come a long way since I started 10 years ago.

Yes, this is my tenth year in community radio *takes a bow*. That time has gone so quickly, but so much has happened in those ten years as well... I can't believe it.

*insert reminiscent music here*

oh dear, my head is starting to hurt. I'd advise I stay away from the computer for a while.


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