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Monday, August 04, 2003

well well, lookey what we have here....
sum splendaro *clap, clap* nerdlicious I know called SPOZ has one of these blogger things, and i figure there is a hell of a lot of music and art i see that i could tell people about... also I could just dribble stories and poetry at my beck-und-call so that would be bulk-ace too.

I suppose I start with Saturday 2nd.... I spent 4 hours at three d radio (where I am a volunteer) taking pledge calls for our annual radiothon... you've got until 3pm August 9th if you'd like to be "in it to win it"... we made a good chunk of cash in the first 3 hours... bonza! If you would like to read about three d and all the good fine broadcasting we do in little old Adelaide, go to www.threedradio.com

In the early evening I attended a performance of 'Are you being served?' in which my friend Paul Kaesler (actor-gem extraordinaire) played a spot-on Mr Humphries, along with a splendid cast at the Port Noarlunga Arts Theatre...

The night wore on, and arriving in town at midnight when you really should be turning into a pumpkin or at least sleeping is a little odd, however the CURSE OV DIALECT must not be missed.... ever... or the new pollutants...

quite frankly I'm becoming an electronica and in particular, aussie hip-hop and experimental beats junkie!!! not that there's anyhthing wrong with that... check out the new CovD CD before it sells out forever and you start kicking and screaming and wanting to hurt people because you couldn't get a copy!

tee hee.

Sunday was my regular radio spot (2-4pm Sundays, 93.7FM in the Adelaide Metro area) with a little bit o' help from the new pollutants and mark (the silent martyr in the corner) a.k.a. 'germs' til we got some fine live freestylin' from him when he woke up a bit... schweet and lo-down.

hmm, anyhoo, more soon i s'pose.
sugar and spice and all things nice, julie xo

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