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Sunday, August 10, 2003

seriously i've got to get more sleep...!!

new Bidston Moss EP... kewl!! they are from Melbourne and I like them cos they rock.

much frivolity and giggles last night when I ended up in the middle of a bux night crowd.... ew! my own fault though because I was being cocky and wanted to know what they'd been doing and get into the mind of a male-man you know....
(that sentiment doesn't quite work as well as the tripod "to get into the mind of a female-girl y'know")
note to self: never go stand in the middle of a bunch of men celebrating their friends last few weeks of what they call 'freedom'.....

i kind of don't understand that you know... i would think that someone you're making that kind of commitment to would let you be free, if not even help you to be free y'know.... maybe i've got an unusual way of thinking....

anyhoo.... saw subwoofer and some of dr goodhead at rhino last night as well, so got home about 4:30 i think, i'm not really sure to be honest.... all i know is that not enough sleep was had!

lesson in italian: 'Damni un baccio' - give me a kiss. hehe.

use it in a sentence this week.
bless. x julie

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