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Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Let me tell you kiddywinks what is making my head go all wibbly this very day...

well see, i'm on a new quest in my existence where i'm thinking of purchasing a dwelling of my very own-some... however media reports tell me prices keep going up and up and of course they need to open up new sub-divisions cos there isn't enough space for everyone.... but the other points being younger folk want to live near the city (even though they keep promoting golden grove as such a 'golden' place to live.... tho' i think they're full of smeg).

honestly, i don't think i know what i'm getting myself into...
maybe i will run away to a foreign country and forget the dream of owning something of my very own!!

on my stereo this week:
Lovage (STILL): Music to make love to your old lady by - porn as all heckenschtall
Fiona Apple: Tidal - sometimes angsty piano music
De La Soul: Buhloone Mind State - fine holiday fun

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