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Monday, August 18, 2003

hi neighbour! well i'll be on-air for an extra shift this Saturday 23rd August from 3-5pm presenting to you the B-Side (or perhaps i'll call it "geek tv: radio with sight gags" in memory of old demo tapes with me and tank)...
and with some very speshull guests... but i'll post that when it's confirmed.... ooh, i'm shuddering just at the thought, and will surely jump up and down when they arrive...

i had thought of something i'd totally forgotten to post earlier today, but now it's gone again... oh smeg.

This fine evening, me and daddio got the COMMODORE 64 out of the shed, dusted off the ants (yes, there was a colony trying to make a nest in the monitor, I just hope we got them all out before we turned the thing on, poor ants.... but we gave them a nicer home in the garden...), and booted up the blue screen, only to find the Carmen Sandiego didn't work.... but Bubble Bobble and Wonderboy did! Rock!

It's never going back in the shed, never ever ever.

So I'm a nerd, so shoot me!
I was an 80's kid and I'm proud of it, however I'm not proud that the fashion has done full circle ALREADY in my lifetime, in fact it's a little scary... I don't want to think about fluroescent bike pants and socks! The Bangles (and the type you put on your wrist too) were the best thing about the 80's... plastic hot pink belt buckles were not... you can argue it with me if you like... but I don't care. i'm sticking to my guns.

jump to the jam.

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