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Friday, August 08, 2003

Oh my golly godfather...
I was lucky enough to interview Muffin Spencer from Brassy this morning. I was very excited and nervous at the same time.... but she was very bulk-ace and I look forward to meeting the whole band when they rock into our city for a show on August 23rd at Fowlers Live (formerly Music House).

GET YOUR TICKETS NOW AND COME JOIN ME KIDS. Brassy are seriously one of my favourite acts ever and I'm really excited that they are finally coming to Australia. Sick!

You can hear my interview with Muffin on Lawnmower Music 93.7FM (Adelaide Metro Area) on Sunday August 17th between 2&4pm.

Really bizarre, I got nervous and excited at once, which doesn't happen really a lot when I interview people only because I've done so much of it over the years.... I guess it's being a phone interview at short notice and being one of my all time faves that did it... oh well. rad.

julies dictionary word of the day:
"Splendaro" *insert two claps by the side of your right ear here*
This action going with the word came about when Home for the Def came into my show recently... I use splendaro all the time as many of you know, however when I mentioned it just before my show, Philo said 'that sounds like a margarine' which i thought it was funny in itself.... however when we were on-air, Nigel of HFTD and I somehow added the claps in for a more 'spanish' feel... don't ask me how, but the show was gold... I'll probably make some snippets of it available for download sometime soon... hehehe.

Saw Michael Franti and Spearhead with a couple thousand other punters at the Thebarton Theatre last night also. Very uplifting, and all good fun. Radio Active was in fine form as usual and I secured a copy of his brand new (not available in stores) beatboxing album which I'm about to listen to for the first time.... very excellent time was had by all with lots of sweat and dancing and hugs galore!

Julie xo

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