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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

things that suck...

reality tv.
sore eyes from cutting up onions.
burning the butter in a saucepan.
not being arsed trying to fix my apparently screwed up tax return from 2 years ago (yay, thanks ATO for not reading my correspondence in the firstplace, fuckheads)

things that rock...
the jade monkey.
sultana scones.
red potatoes.
becoming the 'list lady'. (explain this one later)
increasing the crush-list to 5... ooh.
team plastique getting some gigs in Europe.

crush list being on 5, is a big thing... it was 3 for a long time, recently it dropped back to 2 (obviously)... now there's bloody 5! cor!

1. I have met this one very few times, though I like the conversations I've had with this person, and we have quite similar interests. I nearly died when they said they liked the same film directors as me... wowzers!
2. Ok, number 2 is some guy who catches my bus who is just simply a handsome man. There is not much possibility of me ever speaking to them, because I'm a fraidy cat.
3. This one actually works where I currently work... I don't know how old he is or whatever, but I dig him. I thought he was nice looking, then he told me he didn't like car racing, and I melted. Aww, pour some sugar on me.
4. This one is very very interesting indeed. I can say no more.
5. "Want to go halves in a kid?" My favourite man, and probably never future anything, but worth a mention none-the-less. Fun to bite.


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