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Sunday, April 25, 2004

i wish i could remix my life...

Lawnmower Music: Three D Radio: 93.7FM: Sundays 2-4pm

Federico AUbele: Postales
JSBX: Wait a Minute
Remy Zero: Prophecy
Skalpel: 1958
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Malay
Al Hirt: Green Hornet
LOVE SONG DEDICATION: Basement Jaxx: Living Room
Patsy Cline: I fall to pieces
Sarah Vaughan: Whatever Lola Wants (Gotan Project Remix)
Suvome: Hotel-Motel
Bobby Hughes Combination: Goi (Vegetarian Mix)
Red Monika: The Aches
5!NYTK: Just like a song
The Renevatos: Italians in Mexico
The Birthday Party: Zoo Music Girl
Wolf + Cub: Hands Fall Down
Nina Simone: My baby just care's for me
Soul Coughing: Misinformed
Good Buddha: Face the Music
Kaleidoscope: Sexuality (Subwoofer Remix)
The Bird: Flight
Cornelius: Drop
Ianto Ware: A blue Sky
The Stone Roses: Begging You
Blonde Redhead: Maddening Cloud
Toby Neal: Lost in thought
Gorillaz: 5/4
Goldfrapp: Strict Machine

"My baby don't care for cars and races... my baby don't care for high town places..."

So anyhoo, Friday as I cried into my glass of red I wondered why on Earth I felt the way I did. I have been feeling rather inadequate and random, so I told the person I usually go to for comfort that I couldn't see them for a few weeks. Whether or not that's made it worse I don't know.

aside: It's amazing when one hug from one person can make you gasp. Or just the fact that they have just complimented you makes you get butterflies.

Yesterday I walked into town (that's an hour and a half i've discovered if you really meander part of the way looking at houses) and saw Kill Bill Vol 2, then walked up to my friends place in North Adelaide (another 40 minutes if you meander). So I felt pretty good that I'd done all that exercise. And today I've ridden my pushie to radio. Feel great about it. It's a bit along the lines of 'look out world, here i come'... and in particular look out the one person I want to be more a part of my life than ever....

I would like to say it was very interesting watching both KILL BILL's this week after having just finished Ben Elton's "Popcorn", a book which is primarily about violence in films. I thought Quentin's latest offering was a damn fine, and that Volume 2 completely rounded out the story, and though it was much different to the first one... was absolutely perfect to close the story off. I cried and cried at the end. Like "wow" - so thank you Quentin, if you ever find me in cyberspace I doubt... but I must say... bravo!

bada bing, bada boom, I'm outta here, John Wayne style...

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