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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Courtesy of the Splendiferous SARA...

Ever been so drunk you blacked out: Yes, but also added another smoke-able substance making it all the more worse for me. I was also about 16...

Put a body part on fire for amusement: Nope.

Been in a car accident: I hit a roo on my way up to the Barossa a while ago. I have never heard such a primal scream come from my mouth.

Been hurt emotionally: Erm, yep. Exhibit a) ex-bf.

Kept a secret from everyone: I'm sure there's at least one...

Had an imaginary friend: When I was about 4 and my best friend went away, a magical imaginary 'rebecca' appeared everywhere I went... or so I'm told. Could be a conspiracy by my folks to make me think I'm insane...

Wanted to hook up with a friend: Yes, currently I would like to hook up with my 'friend'.

Cried during a Movie: Yes, Saturday near the end of Kill Bill Volume 2.

Had a crush on a teacher: I don't think so. They all were pretty old and ugly.

Ever thought an animated character was hot: Ooh good one Sara, forgot about Trent from Daria!

Had a New Kids on the Block tape: I had a CD. Never a t-shirt though.

Cut your hair: Yep, and even got it straight and all.


Shampoo: One that cleans my hair.

Colour: Probably blue.

Day/Night: Night.

Summer/Winter: Summer-ific.

Lace or satin: Ok, I recently became a fan of french knickers, so what do you think? Ok, ok too much info, but now it's there, I can't take it back!

Cartoon Characters: Inspector Gadget, Danger Mouse ("I have the sudden urge to run at top speed in the other direction, would you care to join me Penfold?")

Food: I also am a food-whore, so I cannot answer this in less than a page.

Fave Advert: NOT the one where they say 'no other tampon is easier to insert, and remove'. Like for godssake!! We don't need to know that!!

Fave Film: Ferris, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Clueless, Trust

Fave Ice Cream: Lemon Cheesecake Gelati from Cibo.

Fave Subjects: I don't study anymore.


Wearing: Bad looking teal socks, bonds underpants, adidas trackies, some french looking top that used to belong to Bec, a white bra of what brand i don't know, cost a lot though!

Drinking: Sparkling Red Wine. oh not right now, but on weekends. Erm, I'm about to drink some OJ.

Thinking about: How cold my hands are, how to get more motivated, what to say to said 'friend', cop shows suck (except the Bill)

Listening to: dumb cop show. but ordinarily... music that's better than a dumb cop show.

>---------IN THE LAST 24 HRS--------

Cried: No, thank god.

Worn a skirt: No it's been cold.

Cleaned your room: I tried.

Done laundry: Yep.

Drove a car: Nope. Public Transport and Legs all the way baby.

>----------DO YOU BELIEVE IN-------

Yourself: Almost, but not quite (to continue, enter the correct spelling)

Friends: Absolutely.

Santa Claus: Only if he really is that guy from that show that had the guy whose head you only used to see the top of over the fence... erm... yep that one.

Tooth Fairy: I have no doubt fairies exist.

Destiny/Fate: Abbasalutely.

Karma: Yes and no.

Angels: Earthly ones more-so.

Ghosts: Haven't come across one, so not entirely sure.

>---------FRIENDS AND LIFE--------

Who's the loudest out of your friends: Yeh, probably me too! Tank maybe.

Who's the weirdest out of your friends: probably me again. Erm, yeh actually i could answer this but won't for fear of getting in another mud-slinging match.

Who will respond to this e-mail fastest: Das es not und e-mail.

Who did you send this to who won't respond: If y'all put in on yer blog's then leave me a comment so I know to read yours.

Do you want all your friends to do this and send it back to you? Dumb question, this is on my BLOG YOU F*CKKKKKER!


Who would win? Bruce Lee or Ali? Hmm, good question, I don't know.


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