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Saturday, April 10, 2004


mmm sugar.

I am listening to my Elvis Costello + The Attractions 'best of...' CD which is fully fantastic.

I am also consuming a tasty apricot fruit bar from Angas Park Fruits.... mmm Angas Park Fruits...

"I can't stand up for fallin' down..."

So anyhoo, shortly I shall be off to the Exeter to cause trouble with some other 3D people and get some rock into me, because lets face it, of late I've spent more time drinking alkymahall and socialising than actually watching rock. Which is quite bad indeed.

Note to self: Stop playing with your therapist and get serious about music consumption.

Today I purchased a 12" LP copy of Carousel (The Rogers and Hammerstein musical thingo) and I can't play it cos my record player has shat itself. Which I am also not happy about... how can I listen to Patsy Cline's crooning when it's busted huh? bum!

If I wasn't such a knob I would have spent Thursday night in Melbourne with Team Plastique.

I went to entertain hobbly mchobble-hobble shaggy shaz last night and made the yummy bean soup and ate hot angry buns and played Mhing (card game, of which we started making our own 'pick the cards up' expressions - very silly indeed).

The culling has slowly begun... my spare room will become the 'get rid of these things' room I'm sure... I have to purchase a bike rack thingo for my car so I can move the bike without taking it apart and/or having to fit it in the boot with the rest of my life.

I am *again* unhappy with the state of my wardrobe... I mean at least I've got two skirts now, however it's just not enough to keep me satisfied! Once I get my pink fluffy hoody top I'll feel much beItta...

best be off to get ready for the outing...

buy less packaging,

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