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Sunday, April 11, 2004


the archives are back kiddies...

my brain hurts from drinking last night I think?? hmm. Saw Southpaw and Wolf + Cub at the Ex last night and both bands were damn good. The sound in that beer garden is never great, but they pulled it off.

Southpaw are launching a CD on the 25th April. I recommend y'all attend. I'll get details later.

Things i definately must take to Brisneyland...
Lamp that Heidi gave me
CD's and Vinyl
Greed (dice game)
Picnic Basket
Photos + Camera
Cook Books

hmm. already a lot.

I'm once again in a void of "i hate everything in my wardrobe" but I have also been having what can now be known as 'puffy days' so that's probably part of it... "none of it fits properly", "my stomach pokes out", waah waah waah. God, if that's the only problem I had I'd be doing ok!!

Remember: less is more.

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