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Friday, September 07, 2007

selfish prat...

jebus, i probably am you know!!

oh well, fuck it. it occurs to me though that i really had no people truly be assholes to me in RADelaide.

Is it possible that, in this time of large quantities of technology, (shoopy doo wah wah) that people simply don't have good communication skills anymore?

For example, you hear of random stuff like people breaking up with people by text message. For gods sake people, have some balls.

I myself have taken out some long standing anger on someone via e-mail this week. Not necessarily the best way to do it, however I sometimes find it hard to articulate myself. Besides, blurting out what you're thinking when you're angry is not the best thing.

And so I have to enter some thankyous right here:

thankyou to sparkley panda und the monkey for always letting me ring up and talk crap, and consistently putting up with me ringing and leaving messages like 'can i get me some kitty pie?'

lovely judy-face (when i get to speak to her) for mainly the same reason, except usually my messages to her include some barry manilow renditions... that's probably worse than the kitty pie one come to think of it!!

sal & geeom for the chat a few nights ago, and geeom for the additional kicking of my arse at backgammon...

tard & wase, for generally being excellent, for also being super-fans of SYTYCD, and for having bake-offs regarding cookies. mmm cookies.

maria... for telling me stories, taking me to dinner, and letting me occasionally spoil her, listening to wikkid records and watching stupid television and talking late into the night, keeping some of my sanity in tact.

mummy and daddy, lets just say for absolutely everything up until this point...

all the RADelaideans who drop me the occasional line to see what is going on...

BrisneySam for being a dirty great big spunk, for afternoon drinks in the sun, for watching movies and getting totally smashed on white wine with me... and generally being the nicest person ever.

Kiz... for always saying its nice to see my smiling face, telling me i was helpful with radio and giving me huge hugs...

SdaH, even though he has disappeared off the face of the earth lately! hehe.

pavarotti for his excellent talents, may he rest in peace.

the german club, for fine food and beer.

noi, for much the same reason.

lukey, for being a doppelganger.

stuff, things. it's 4:56, it's friday. back to noi i guess. woo!


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