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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Dub Day Afternoon / Briztronix / Luke Vibert

Oh hello folks, and how are you this fine morning?
well i've got a bodgy hip flexer and stitches, but apart from that, alls well.

so last Saturday i had the pleasure of attending DUB DAY AFTERNOON at the Step Inn. First thing I noticed?! Lots of dreadlocks. I'm a bit fond of them you know (ref. ex-boyfriend idiot extraordinnaire). Also the vibe really was just that everyone seemed chilled and ready to boogie!

Was mainly there to finally see Heavyweight Champion and I wasn't disappointed. It was my first time seeing them (took me long enough). There were some great dub/reggae dj's too and by george the dancing room was H-O-T! Met a few nice folk, had a drink with the boys and had the displeasure of waiting for a taxi at the end of the night. Put out the good karma and shared a cab with someone I'd never met. We talked about how excited we were about the election, even the cabbie.

Can't say I've met anyone really who was disappointed about the election result. I mean there are probably some writhing folk out there (possibly one or two of my workmates). I watched the telecast in an excited state before leaving for the gig. WHOOP WHOOP! About time lil johnny was out of the top job! happy retirement john.

Sunday I went over to Uber for the Briztronix / Luke Vibert gig. Benj was excited that they had new visuals (which were v. interesting by the way). Kiz played some live bass and did a bit of rhyming, however it was mostly instrumental.

*aside* woah, evel knievel died overnight!

So anyhoo, caught up with a lot of folk I hadn't seen in a while and it was just so nice. Lots of the SOOBies and related people. You are all so chilled and nice and supportive of your own kind, and it really was so enjoyable to see you all.

Intended to only go for a few hours with the impending minor surgery the next day, however had too much fun and stayed well later than anticipated. But that's all good, it means I highly enjoyed the whole thing and, let's face it, there's nothing worse than clock watching at a gig because you are bored! And I didn't.

Only caught a bit of Luke Vibert's set (Ninja Tunes label) but he filled the dance-floor very quickly and sounded ace bro!

So that was my lil fun weekend.

The last few days I've been catching up with some of the girls, starting to make beaded things for presents and trying to write a letter to Tank.

Stitches come out tomorrow, they haven't called me to get me in for any results earlier so I am hoping that tests come back negative for anything nasty. So no jumping around at shows for me this weekend. I guess it's Sunday so not much time left anyways!!

Work has been rather stressful of late, and whether or not I can pull another 6 months there I am not sure... we shall see. Just want to save up mad cash before making the final decision about when to go back down South. I will say, though, that I will definatley be in RADs for part of the fringe, and hopefully hopping down to visit some friends in Tasmania as well. Excited about that, it will be my first time in Tassie and I have heard that it is beautiful!

Well y'all have a beautiful day now won't you?!


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