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Sunday, December 09, 2007

20 years of RAGE...

gee i'm glad i am awake enough to witness this fine bit of music television programming! Bravo RAGE, merry birthday, if ever i can program I would feel honoured.

So what did I do today? Chops came over to make beady things, she helped me finish one and showed me some more knots. I like the way doing something a lil different that you haven't done in a while makes your brain think. I love recreating things. Have finally managed to recycle some of the beads i have kept from things like sandals and broken / stretched bracelets. Destroyed one today to remake a necklace, which doubles as a wrap around bracelet, about 6 loops. Awesome.

I walked in the searing heat down to the bookshop and wondered how I would go camping or something currently. It was HOT. I'm noticing my skin freaking out a bit. Strange for me cos it's always been so good. So I have to be more diligent and protect it some more, and also get a good couple beach trips over summer. Hope to go to Moana Beach in SA for a good body board and swim and muck around.

YEH! She Don't Use Jelly filmclip on now. hehehe.

Anna came over to pool resources and make some dinner. Always enjoyable. She will enjoy living here I think, whenever that may be...

Have some new plans in my brain, got to do a bit of budgeting to work out the next 12 months. I figure I at least have the right to a round the world trip because I will turn 30 in 2008! Actually looking forward to it but there are things i'd like to achieve before reaching that milestone.


So yes, made a beady birthday present for Emma and picked up my copy of Into The Wild which I ordered about 3 weeks back. Bad Macmillan Publishing for giving my local independant bookshop a hard time! They're too nice to get treated that way! bah!

Must go, wash my face, put some moisturiser on and go to bed. Indeed.

Oh, so the vox pop quest from December 1 has been 'how many beady things can I make before xmas?'

This far:

Repaired = 3

Made = 4

Muchos Love to all.


footnote: Falcon Beach returning to Saturday Morning ABC TV programming today. I was thrilled.
footnote: Falcon Beach also returned to Saturday Morning ABC TV today. I was thrilled.

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