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Sunday, September 28, 2003

oh my god! get me off this rollercoaster!!

seriously, working 2 days a week is the best thing I could have ever asked for / come up with in my brain!

this week i've seen Justin Hamilton, Red Monika, MKB and the New Pollutants as well as some fine acoustic work by Kierans little bro (hey i forget what their group is called, will find out but they were sweet)... i also have just about finished setting up my new place, apart from a couch it's pretty damned fine if you ask me. SPACE, SPACE, SPACE!! *swoon*

...and MERRY OLE ENGAGEMENT to HEIDI and WARWICK... evidently the NICEST people in Adelaide!! We love youse guys!! xxoo (about fekkin' time too i sez... and there's more peppermint slice where that came from)

and *licks* to the most FAMOUS person in Adelaide for introducing me to Chili Coffee. rock. ;)

*waving to helen over at http://queenofswords.blogspot.com*

i barely watched television all week... cept last night when i cranked some south park before going out... maybe it's cos i dont have a couch... maybe it's cos i prefer music, maybe it's because i've been cleaning... maybe it's because unless it's Andrew Denton's "Enough Rope" it's not worth watching....

what else?? errr, samosas are really tasty, and i need new slippers... yes... forgot how cold the old wooden floor can be in the morning.


*smiling from head to toe*
joolie xo

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