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Monday, September 15, 2003

hi kids ...and a big HOI HOI to Nate who I'm sure is reading my banter all the way from Washington.... i just met him yesterday, anyways...

today i quit my job, because I hate it and isn't that a good enough reason??! In fact, my senior also quit, so it was kind of a funny day...
I haven't put it in writing, but that's actually what I'm doing on the computer right now!!

For anyone who cares, I'm going back to two days a week at my old animation job and will be doing lots of volunteering, bike riding, cooking, reading and poetry in the next three months, basically doing a little 'soul searching' and finding out what I think I'm capable of in the next 20 years of my life...

hmm. interesting.
see, according to shaggy shaz i was due for an existential crisis this year because I'm turning 25...
yeh ta shaz, now i think i AM having one and you gave me a complex! bah!

ex·is·ten·tial ( P ) Pronunciation Key (gz-stnshl, ks-)
1)Of, relating to, or dealing with existence.
2)Based on experience; empirical.
3)Of or as conceived by existentialism or existentialists: an existential moment of choice.
4)Linguistics. Of or relating to a construction or part of a construction that indicates existence, as the words there is in the sentence There is a cat on the mat.

hmmm, end rant. xJ
ps. nigel, where is my video camera?
pps. nic, where were YOU when i wanted a cigarette? huh? punk?!

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