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Sunday, December 07, 2014

Trying to not suck so hard at SEWING...

So I've had a few things sitting there in a giant pile being neglected waiting for mending or just general 'that's not quite right' kind of fixing... so have made some headway on that this past week!

I'm a big fan of buttons, I can't help but collect a myriad of them wherever I am on this planet. The little memories they bring back to me are just wonderful.  So I had used a couple of pieces of fabric I got in Japan in 2009 and dodge-ily attached them to coathangers. They were getting a little neglected and saggy so it was time to fix them for real.

Here's what happened:

All that was really required for this was for me to go to the hardware store and buy some (sustainable forested) dowel, the chains and keyring chain came from what was already in my parents stash of craft things.

 Yay! Now they are less saggy and more sturdy and YIPPEE!

More soon. xJ

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