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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Trying to NOT suck so hard at sewing.... Part Deux...

This awesome shopping trolley that I have had and used for a while now, thanks to a delightful friend who picked it up at a yard sale for me, has always seriously needed something to stop smaller things sliding out the side...

Awwww.... poor trolley!
So naked.

Anyhoo, my mother very naughtily cut out the sizing I had measured instead of letting me do it! Naughty mum!

So she said she would teach me a 'french seam' as it is the strongest thing she was ever taught when she learned to sew.

But then she realised she had not calculated quite enough to allow for this so we had a gap - nawwwww! Balls!

Oh look! Here's some sweet sweet corduroy from the shed!

So cute, totally foreign.
That's BETTER!

Completed Mission 2 of trying not to suck at sewing! Huzzah!
It's a little saggy at the side I guess but when filled with groceries who gives a toss.
It totally does the trick, is removable and washable.

NB. There was an awful lot of swearing and laughing during this project.


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