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Saturday, June 25, 2011

well... having a few cigs these last few weeks...

really was a stupid idea wasn't it?

Now I have to go through withdrawals AGAIN and well let's face it, withdrawals are never fun. One of those times, once again, that I wish I had never ever had a cigarette in the first place. What is it that makes it so appealing?! It's NOT appealing. Toxic BULLSHIT is what it is. I call BULLSHIT on cigarettes.

I guess that's kinda like calling SHENANIGANS on someone, but more appropriate when someone cheats at trivia or something... calling BULLSHIT that is.

Zen and I used to call shenanigans on each other often. I just remembered that. It was funny.

Ahh Zen... fond memories.... would have been made fonder if he stopped sucking on liquid acid and stood up to his mother. For both of us to hide away from the world and not seem to need the company of anyone else (except the dog), that's a pretty special thing I suppose. It wasn't intentional, it was just how it was.

I digress, that was several years ago now and should be left to the ether.

I like things to be natural, have a natural path, seem easy as if they flow with the universe and are not forced. That's why I take a step back and observe so often I guess. It's also why I get frustrated with certain situations, when somethings outta my hands but you don't want to interfere with it's path... yeh. THAT!!

I fully acknowledge how lucky I am that I know generous people who keep an eye out for me.

I like a lot of things. No, really... what DO I like??

>Gas stoves to cook on
>16,000 people jumping up and down in Marion Bay every New Years Eve
>GetUp.Org for bringing important issues together and rallying the 'troops' back home
>Keeping a paper diary / daily planner i guess
>Black and White Photos
>When someone else straightens my hair for me
>Relish, of many varieties
>Cold showers during a hot summer
>Sukin and Natio natural products, made in Aus
>Passing on things that you don't need any more to someone who might need it
>My besties that are scattered throughout this world
>A book that will truly engage me
>when people get on their high horse...

When people get on their high horse... mostly because it amuses me so much. As soon as ONE article is published in a mainstream paper everyone freaks out. oh look shit this is going to cost me X amount of dollars more, what will i dooooo.... well yeh, you know, it's simple. Things in Australia are expensive. Waste not want not, though. I mean for real. When I moved away from Adelaide, I gave mostly everything away. I did the same when I left Brisbane, a few kind people donated funds towards a few things, but mostly, it went to the student neighbours who lived in the share house across the street.

Turn some appliances off, you might save a bit. Stop being so goddamned wasteful. Hey look, we avoided collapse, be thankful we're not the US.

I know things are tough down there, but you guys earn much better wages than in this hemisphere, particularly in this city where the costs seem quite relative to me. (to Aus that is)

To give an example, last fortnight I worked 63.5 hours for a total of $525 and some change. There's something completely wrong with that. Minus fortnightly rent, some bus tickets, some phone credit, some groceries, a pack or two of fags, BAM it's gone. Minimum wage out here is balls, the cost of living is about the same as Down Under. *SHRUG* what do you do?! Get on with it, occasionally get on it with yer mates and talk shit about the state of the universe, and live to see another day.

now i'll just get off my high horse and go enjoy the sunshine that just magically appeared.


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